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The Best Free Shopify Apps (5) to Keep an Eye on

Looking for the best free Shopify apps? Well, keep reading…  

Shopify has continued to maintain its status as the destination for an all-in-one commercial platform that helps set up online businesses and ensures these businesses run efficiently. More than a million businesses have been powered by Shopify, and the commerce platform shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Businesses and online stores have enjoyed an enormous level of success thanks to some of the best Shopify apps available right now.

Despite their accolades in the industry, many other commerce platforms have risen over the years and made a name for themselves. A lot of commerce platforms even offer better and more control over site SEO and more complex catalogues. 

Avis Product Options Variants 

 This product lets businesses access limitless product options and even lets businesses include price add-ons. However, what truly makes this one of the best free Shopify apps is that it’s compatible with Online Store 2.0 Themes and Shopify Discounts too.

Best free shopify apps
Best free shopify apps


  • Highly efficient and communicative customer service and support 
  • Quickly align the layout for websites 
  • Easy installation 


  •  Unable to add pictures for virtual products 
  •  The Add Charge feature needs to be added manually. 


  • A 24/7 responsive human-based support team available via in-app live chat and email 
  • Show product options, variants, emails, and other related notifications in an orderly manner 
  • Avail of free & unique custom designs to match your style to a theme 
  • Various options like text, number, date-time, checkbox, radio button, dropdown, swatch, colour-picker 

Booster: Page Speed Optimizer 

It’s common for pretty much everyone to close the tab of a website if it takes too long to load, and even a few seconds of waiting can seem arduous. The Booster: Page Speed Optimizer solves this problem by making the page pre-load in the background via their browser. 

Page speed optimizer
Page speed optimizer


  • Easy to use and navigate 
  • A helpful and efficient customer service 
  • Store management is significantly improved 


  • May not work on all themes 
  • May not work well on all websites, mostly suitable for websites with high-resolution images and videos 


  • Instantly preloads webpages 
  • Even works well on mobile and slow and old connections 
  • Compatible with Online Store 2.0 
  • Doesn’t require a code installation process 
  • 24/7 live chat human support 

Shopify Inbox 

 Another essential Shopify plugin is their Inbox product which lets businesses chat with their customer base as they shop on their website. It’s a statistical fact that most shoppers make purchases on websites with an active customer help inbox.

The Best free shopify apps review
The Best free shopify apps review


  • A great tool for building positive relations with customers. 
  • Easy to keep track of 
  • Auto-forward emails to the customer even when the customer is offline 


  • PDFs aren’t valid attachments when using this tool 
  • Common to receive spam messages and emails after installation of this product 


  • Manage conversations from various apps like Messenger, Instagram, and the Shop App 
  • Understand customers quickly through their profile and cart details 
  • Save time with automated greetings, contact capture, and FAQs 
  • Engage customers with product recommendations, images, and discounts without needing to leave the chat 
  • Track results via Shopify admin 

Abandoned Cart Automation 

This product lets customers receive emails and messages if they abandon their cart, something which has proven to reduce cart abandonment rates. 

Shopify Plugin
Shopify Plugin


  • Unlimited emails 
  • Reminder schedule setting 
  • Full support 


  • Limited to 15 SMSs per month 
  • All charges are only billed in USD, thus discouraging foreign businesses 
  • Not fully free, limited to a 30 days trial


  • Abandoned Cart Popup 
  • Automated Email 
  • Automated SMS 

Shopify Product Review 

Another one of Shopify’s very own products is the Product Review which lets businesses collect and share customer reviews on product pages of the website itself. This lets businesses work on areas of improvement and find further ways to develop their strengths which makes this application of the best free Shopify app.

Best free shopify apps review
Best free Shopify apps review


  • Improved understanding of customer needs 
  • Businesses can import reviews too 
  • The widget is easy to use 


  • Lack of customization options 
  • It may take a considerable amount of time to get used to 


  • A theme-friendly design – reviews match up to the look and feel of your store 
  • Customization is easy and simple – edit layouts, texts, and colours without a code 
  • Post, hide, filter, and manage reviews effortlessly 
  • Import and export reviews in a spreadsheet 
  • SEO-friendly review scores 


  Avis Product Options Variants Booster: Page Speed Optimizer Shopify Inbox Abandoned Cart Automation Shopify Product Reviews 
Free Yes Yes Yes No (30-day free trial) Yes 
Directly operable from Shopify admin Yes Yes Yes No Yes 
Speed tested No No Yes No No 
Integrative with Shopify apps Yes No No No   
Compatible with latest themes Yes No No No Yes 


1. Avis Product Options Variants – Is it integrated with other Shopify apps? 

Yes, it’s compatible with various apps like Bloom: Delivery Date, Exportable, FileUploadsUploadKit, and Order Printer by Vify. 

2. Booster: Page Speed Optimizer – How does this app preload links? 

The app works with a one-line Javascript reference and open-source software. 

3. Abandoned Cart Automation – Is the storefront popup customizable? 

Yes, the storefront popup is customizable. Simply head to the customization menu, select a page and make any changes necessary to display a popup on the storefront. 

4. Shopify Product Reviews – Does this product work with the latest themes? 

While all Shopify themes are available for all of our products, compatibility with the latest themes is something only a few possess – Product Reviews being one of them. 


Shopify remains to be one of the biggest platforms to let businesses grow to new heights, and with more products on the horizon, it only promises to get bigger and better, particularly with the best free Shopify apps that have been covered in the post.

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