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Build Trust: use a free Shopify review app

Yotpo is another free Shopify review app which makes it easy for brands to collect, display, and amplify customer content. With Yopto, brands of all sizes can access data-driven tools to collect high-quality reviews and display them directly on their site.

This necessarily improves their customers’ shopping experiences by demonstrating social evidence of the product quality which allows their customers to make more informed purchase decisions. Plus, with review amplification, brands can reach new customers on social and organic searches which inherently boosts both revenue and exposure.

An extensive list of reviews

This app has more than 5000 reviews and has 4.9 stars on the Shopify app store. Some of their customers have been using this free review Shopify app for more than a decade. One of the key features of this free Shopify plugin is to allow you to import your customer reviews flawlessly; the Yopto customer support team will even assist you in doing so should you require the assistance if you’re not feeling 100% comfortable which this operation. Several reviews reveal that the support team offers diligent service and a relatively quick turnaround time hence support should not be a concern.

Building trust is essential to build a business because you build your business one customer at a time so you want to do all you can to keep them forever. This free Shopify review app allows you to turn one-time shoppers into loyal customers and is basically one of the building blocks you need to create customers for a lifetime.


  • Google Partnership to stand out on searches with Seller Ratings and Shopping Ads
  • Q&A capabilities to encourage community and empower shoppers
  • Customizable on-site widgets to display reviews that drive conversions
  • Collect and display Photo & Video reviews to showcase social proof
  • Smart Filters to build buyer confidence by displaying relevant content

That being said, you may now want to know more about boosting your sales or about the best Shopify Apps for SEO.

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