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How Shopify Apps Help To Increase Your Business Sales

Have you ever wondered how to increase sales? One of the answers to this question is to bundle products together and add smart discounts and the result will boost your e-commerce sales. It is simple, you sell more by offering better discounts.

Go the easy way, use a Shopify Plugin to increase your sales

This app offers simple & powerful product bundles/combos with discounts. Our customers can set up discounted bundles that are highly customizable and that do not require manual coding. Here is a typical bundle: Buy product A + product B and get a 10% discount.

Increase your conversion by offering bundle discounts on the cart page.

how to increase sales
How to increase sales? Use this Shopify plugin

This app is Unlimited Bundles & Discounts by Revy

Revy has close to 10k customers and processes slightly about 800k app requests per day. They also offer another app which is called Unlimited Smart UpSell Offers.

The benefit of this Shopify App

  • Zero Code
    -Zero code or development experience required, install and start using.
  • High Conversion
    -Bundles have high conversion in comparison to single-product purchases
  • Unlimited Discounts
    -We combine all Bundle Discounts into one, sell multiple Bundles on a single order
  • Quantity Discount
    -Volume Discount / Tiered Discount, give a discount if a customer buys more than one

Now, you want to know more? Here are some of the frequent questions that are asked to increase your sales with this app. 

Do I need to install any code?

  • No code is required at all. If you are reading this page, this means, everything is set up. Now just create your Bundles to get started.

Why there is a uninstall button?

  • We simply add 1 line of code in your theme to make the app load faster, so when you uninstall the app we recommend uninstalling this line of code. You can uninstall it here.

How does the PERCENTAGE discount work?

  • The percentage discount applies the discount to every bundle item in the shopping cart, the discount is not applied to all the orders, but just to the specific items that belong to the bundle.

How does the FIXED AMOUNT OFF discount work?

  • A discount of a fixed amount is applied to all orders. Not in every item.

Where will the bundle appear?

  • The bundle will appear on the product pages of products in the bundle.

When will the discount be applied?

  • The discount is applied when you click on the checkout button, on your cart page.

What if I have more questions or need help?

  • Contact real-time support by clicking here or zap us a message at, and we will support you.

So, now you know how to increase sales with no additional effort. That said, now maybe you would like to know more about another way to increase your sales.

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