Are you currently using an abandoned cart Shopify app, no? Humm, you should feel concerned as this is a significant issue for e-commerce operations. Did you know that in 2021, an average of 2 out of 3 customers abandoned their cart? Did you also know mobile shoppers have a staggering abandonment rate of more than 85%? There are many reasons why customers abandoned their carts such as:

  • Sudden extra costs (Shipping fees and taxes)
  • An account is needed to complete the transaction
  • The page takes more than 3 seconds to load
  • Bad website functionality

Flabergasting, isn’t it? Well, the good piece of news is that sending an email to notify your customers that they have abandoned their cart works. The abandoned cart email open rate was just about 40% in 2021 as compared to 17% for regular email. That being said, if you are still wondering what you have to do, keep reading.

abandoned cart shopify app
abandoned cart shopify app

So, you definitely need an abandoned cart Shopify app to increase your revenue. Here is probably one of the best Shopify apps to manage your abandoned carts. With Care Cart, an abandoned cart app, your customers will receive an email if they abandon their cart, a solution which has demonstrated pieces of evidence to reduce cart abandonment rates if we rely on the above statistics.

Care Cart recovers lost revenue by tracking all carts, initiated orders and checkouts by retargeting customers through automated email marketing and web push notifications. This app also delivers discount codes through a Spin-a-sale wheel gamification system.


  • Abandoned Cart Email Recovery – Start tracking & targeting all carts in minutes.
  • Email pop-up for Subscriptions – Collect email subscriptions with email popups.
  • Recover Abandoned Orders – Deliver BFCM discount code & Spin to win.
  • They offer a free 14 days trial period

This abandoned cart Shopify app has been running since 2017, they have a load of customer reviews, beyond 900 reviews to be clear and still scores 4.8 stars. Here are a few key testimonies highlighting their diligent customer support.

First testimony

I had a question about how to turn off one of the features of the app. I was connected to support within 1 minute of making the request and Sam, the support person was able to make the change for me. If I had spent a few more minutes I would have figured out how to make the change myself, it wasn’t complicated. But no matter, great service and this on a Sunday morning!
Lucinda Technology Solutions

Second testimony

We use this app to replace the Shopify’s default Abandoned Checkout email notification because we do not use either Online Stores channel or the Buy Button interface. This app provides all of the functionalities that we seek, with added flexibility not available on certain part of Shopify. The chat support team was very responsive, informative, and friendly. Most of the answers given were relevant and did help us to develop our app better. We recommend this app for those encountering the similar issue or those who wish to tweak their Abandoned Cart email notification further.

All in all, this app appears to be one of the best Shopify apps in the abandon cart category.

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