Have you ever wondered how and why we buy? One universal answer to this is that we buy from people or store we trust. Trust is crucial to successfully complete a transaction. This is all rational because the buyer believes the seller’s promise, they listen and take the seller’s advice. They will not only buy and close the transaction if they are totally satisfied, but they will also return it back to you by providing your referrals. Isn’t great? That’s why everyone, every store owner or merchant craves reviews because reviews demonstrate customer satisfaction and thus, they heavily contribute to building trust with or towards you. So, if you are still following this, you should by now understand that you need a Shopify review app to build trust; This is by the way probably one of the best ways to increase your revenue.

Shopify Review App
Shopify Review App

With the Yotpo Reviews app, eCommerce store sizes can collect high-quality reviews and then display these reviews directly on their site. Ratings and customer comments (reviews) provide shoppers with the confidence they need to buy.

Shopify review app

Features of this Shopify Review App

  • Stand out on Google searches with Shopping Ads as well as with Seller Ratings
  • Build buyer confidence by showing the content that is relevant to them only with what they call smart filtering
  • Customizable on-site widgets to display reviews that drive conversions
  • Provide Question and Answer feature to foster community
  • Collect and display reviews with photos or videos to showcase social proof

This Shopify review app has been around for a while. To be more precise, it was released in 2011. They have tons of reviews, more than 5700 with a 4.9-star rating.

This review speaks by itself:

I’ve been relying on Yotpo as the review platform for my small business for over a decade. I recently switched my online store over to Shopify. One of the things keeping me from doing that was fear of loosing all the reviews I’ve collected over the years. Have no fear – Ronel from Yotpo support walked me through the process of exporting my old reviews, updating the identifiers for the new site (if you have a lot of products an ID export app will help to get a list of the Shopify product IDs which the base backend hides for some reason), and then imported them to the new site for me. The app works flawlessly (I’m using Dawn theme). I did need to edit theme code a bit to get the widgets where I wanted them in the site but Yotpo has clear help guides on how to do so.

They also provide customers with a basic free version with some limitations. To sum up, this is most seemingly one of the best Shopify apps that all Shopify store operators should use.

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