shopify apps to increase sales

Shopify Apps To Increase Sales

Some mega-rich people say that if you don’t make money while your sleep, you will work until you die another one that I particularly like is that rich people have money to work for them and they acquire assets instead of liabilities. These come respectively from Warren Buffett (famous investor) and Robert T. Kiyosaki (Author of Rich dad, poor dad).

Make money to work for you at night

All that to say that one way to build a durable asset and make money to work for you at night is to build an e-commerce store. I will not go any further as this is not the point of this post but sooner or later, you are going to have to run your store efficiently. A while ago, when I was doing my MBA, I learned that measuring things or issues is the only way to improve them. My professors used to tell me: “You can move what you measure”. So, this is exactly what is the intent of this Shopify App one of the best apps to increase your sales while running a Shopify Store.

free shopify app
Shopify apps to increase sales

Trident AB ‑ A/B Test Products allows you to do that. With Trident, you can run a/b tests on your product page. Test your prices, copywriting, page layout, and images in order to figure out what sells best. This app is fully integrated with Shopify and uses your Shopify store’s infrastructure and code to run tests that will not affect your customer experience and site load speed.

Trident AB is free for 5 days or $13.99 per month.

The features of the paid versions are

  • Unlimited simultaneous A/B tests 
  • Quicker variant change frequency 
  • Priority Customer Support 
  • Advanced analytics 
  • Bulk pricing tests 

This free Shopify app (basic version, 5 days) was launched recently so they only have roughly 20 reviews but they do score 5 stars. Customers’ testimonies highlight not only that they got diligent support but also that this app allowed them to improve their performances and necessarily a particular increase in their sales.

A first customer testomony

Great to use, easy to set up, and have seen strong improvement in traffic, conversions, etc. after testing things with it. Company itself is great and provide stellar support. Happy to support this dev team and their apps

Another customer testimony

This app is absolutely essential for growing any eCommerce / Shopify page. We’ve been able to see substantial conversion growth and could not have done it without this. What’s nice is that you don’t need to create a whole new website, all new product pages, landing pages, etc. to properly test things. With the app you can test whatever you want in just a few seconds, and test dozens of things at once. This app also helped me find my “winning” product and product page in just a few days – give it a shot!

Bottom line, you want to change things, you want to increase your sales, get this Trident A/B and start measuring and testing scenarios. Running a Shopify store is definitely one of the best ways to increase sales.

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