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Shopify Plugin: Top Form Builders

Finding the best form builder Shopify plugin for your site can be a daunting mission but at some point, it becomes unavoidable to build trust with your shoppers and grow your e-commerce business. So, this is all about finding the right form builder that has all the right parameters and top features that fit your business. Besides, creating custom yet efficient forms for your Shopify store can generate leads and increase the conversion rate. Is that not what any entrepreneur wants for their business?  

Back to this mission, finding the best free Shopify apps can indeed get time-consuming. Don’t worry, we’re here to help; we have curated a list of the best four Shopify plugins for you. 

The following Shopify apps have been selected after going through all the reviews, ratings, and top-notch features they have to offer: 

  1. Powerful Contact Form Builder  
  1. Custom Contact Form Builder  
  1. Hulk Form Builder  
  1. Contact Us Forms with Captcha 

Shopify plugin: Powerful Contact Form Builder

Powerful Contact Form Builder is one of the best Shopify apps when it comes to form building. Despite having so many top-notch features, this Shopify plugin is affordable. 

Firstly, it comes with a free plan and a premium package. Moreover, there are designed templates for you, thus making it less time-consuming to create a form. 

Some of those templates include build order forms, user registration forms, contact forms, and wholesale registration forms. 

Furthermore, this includes the smart form, which uses conditional logic to change according to the answers of the users. For example, it can show you different fields according to how you answer the form. 

According to the 5-star review, people love their customer service. If you are dealing with installation issues or having trouble with the user interface, they are happy to help. Besides, they are very quick to reply and patient throughout. 


Price: Powerful Contact Form Builder 

This Shopify plugin comes with a free plan and a premium plan. The free plan includes 1 form and 12 fields, which can be displayed anywhere. You also get 40 auto-response emails per month with unlimited submissions, among many other features. 

Meanwhile, the premium package costs around $10 per month, which is pretty affordable for such a great Shopify plugin. The premium package includes unlimited forms and unlimited auto-response emails. Moreover, it comes with a storage size of 2 GB and uploads files up to 30 MB. 


  1. It is affordable. 
  1. Great customer service. 
  1. It has ready-made templates. 


  1. It might slow down your website because of the javascript used in the app.  

Custom Contact Form Builder Shopify App 

Custom Contact Form Builder is well-known for its top-notch features and remarkable customer service. Firstly, you can create and customize the forms using this form builder. For example, you can create a customer-based form and a condition-based form.  

Furthermore, unlike many other Shopify plugins, this is one of the best Shopify apps that does not slow down the speed of the website. In addition to that, the user interface is easy to use. But in case you do face any issues, their quick response time will resolve that. 

With this plugin, you are able to send the forms to multiple people, or you can use BCC. This Shopify plugin also allows you to customize according to your requirements. For example, you can add or change the position of the fields on the form. You can also include an auto-responding email feature. Last, with the help of the Custom Contact Form builder, you can also add drag-and-drop fields. 

Price: Custom Contact Form Builder 

The Custom Contact Form Builder comes with a 7-day free trial. There is no free package available. Moreover, there are three packages: Basic, Premium, and Advanced.  

The basic package includes limited form submission, numerous BCC emails, and unlimited form fields. Further, it has a file upload of 5MB. Besides some other features, this plan costs around $5 per month. 

The Premium plan has all the features of the Basic plan. You also get unlimited form submission, form submission exporting, and a custom email template in addition to those features. This costs around $10 per month. 

In addition to the features included in the Premium plan, the Advanced Plan includes integration with Google Sheets. Moreover, you can customize the JS function before and after submission. Lastly, this all costs around $13 per month.  

Shopify Plugin
Shopify Plugin


  1. They have great customer service. 
  1. It can create a pop-up menu. 
  1. All of their plans are cost-friendly.  


  1. No free plan.  
  1. The placeholder cannot save any text 

Hulk Form Builder: another Shopify plugin to consider

Hulk Form Builder offers numerous types of forms. Be it as simple as a contact form or as complex as a resume application form. Despite being complex, Hulk Form Builder makes it a piece of cake. The user interface is easy to navigate.  

The following are some of the forms available on Hulk Form Builder: 

  1. Contact Form  
  1. Resume Application Form 
  1. Bulk Order Form  
  1. Wholesale Form  
  1. Form for User Registration 
  1. NPS Survey Form  
  1. Lead Generation Form  
  1. Specific Order Form  
  1. Gift Order Form  
  1. Survey Form 

Second, Google reCAPTCHA and not granting access to your email address aid in the reduction of spam and abuse. This Shopify plugin allows you to customize according to the theme of your Shopify store. Since it is very easy to use and ensures a smooth workflow, you get the precise data you would like. What’s more, you get unlimited file uploads. 

Price: Hulk Form Builder 

Hulk Form Builder offers three plans: free, pro, and pro+, each with a five-day free trial. 

The Free plan includes all of the basic yet amazing features, such as unlimited form submission, export form submission, and form customization, among others. 

In addition to all the basic features of the Free Plan, the Pro Plan offers UTM tracking, setting up a custom domain, and integration with Mail Platform. Besides these features, the plan costs around $10 per month. 

The Pro+ plan allows you to integrate with Google Sheets while having an upload limit of 100 MB. These and other features cost $20 per month. 


  1. Integration with Google Sheets. 
  1. Includes features to reduce spam and abuse.  
  1. Offers a free plan and a five-day free trial. 


  1. It is not as affordable as other form-builder apps.
Shopify Plugin
Shopify Plugin

Shopify Plugin: Contact Us Form with Captcha 

Another masterpiece by HulkApps that you should not miss: Contact Us Form with Captcha 

This Shopify plugin offers customization of forms according to your store’s theme. There are six fields that you can customize to match the theme of your store. Furthermore, this simple yet effective Shopify app includes auto-responders for any form submissions. You have complete control over the type and number of fields on the Contact form. Are you worried about losing any leads? The one-step database has you covered! It tracks all the entries.  

Because the user interface is easy to navigate, you can create a form without having to go through any trouble. Even if you do, their customer service will not disappoint. 

You can protect your form from spam through the built-in reCAPTCHA feature. Lastly, besides exporting submission forms, you can make an email list through the contact form. 

Price: Contact Us Form with Captcha 

As good as this Shopify plugin is, it does not come with a free plan. However, you can avail yourself of a 5-day trial. It has two plans: Basic and Pro. 

The basic plan costs around $5 per month and offers many features. Some of the features may include six field types, customization of form display, saving submissions, and Google ReCAPTCHA, among others. 

The Pro plan includes all the features available in the Basic plan. Besides those features, it also includes auto-respond emails, a pop-up feature, and an admin email with tokens, among other remarkable features it has to offer. 


  1. Google reCAPTCHA helps to reduce spam. 
  1. It is affordable. 
  1. The user interface is simple to use. 
  1. You get a customizable form builder. 


  1. It does not have a free plan.  

Comparison Chart 

Features  Powerful Contact Form Builder Custom Contact Form Builder   Hulk Form Builder  Contact Us Forms with Captcha  
Free Plan  ✅  ✅  
Customisation Available   ✅ ✅ 
Export Submission Form   ✅ ✅ 
Auto respond emails  ✅ ✅  ✅ 
Remarkable Customer Service ✅ ✅ ✅ ✅ 
Ready-made Template ✅  ✅  


Choosing the right Shopify plugin can be time-consuming and sometimes even a daunting task. This article was intended to shed some light on some of the best Shopify form builder apps available on the apps store.  Let us know what you think.


  1. What is the importance of a contact form? 

Contact forms allow website visitors to contact you. It is beneficial for generating leads. You can reduce the risk of receiving spam emails. Moreover, you can subscribe to an authentic email marketing list. Moreover, you can understand your audience. 

  1. What are some of the benefits of using the form builder? 
  1. It generates high-quality leads with the help of the right questions. 
  1. It generates high revenue. 
  1. For a greater degree of marketing, it reduces cold calls.  
  1. What should you consider before buying the best plugin?  

The following are some factors you need to keep in mind before you buy any form builder plug-in: 

  1. It is cost-effective. 
  1. It is easy to use.  
  1. It delivers notifications on time.  
  1. It must be compatible with your mobile phone.  
  1. It can be customized according to your needs. 

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