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The Best Free Shopify Apps Acting on the Urge to Buy

Shopify has been one of the biggest and most reliable services when it comes to supporting e-commerce websites. It’s one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world right now, and an unfathomable amount of websites rely on Shopify for all their needs. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best free Shopify Apps that have benefited businesses for a long and prosperous time.  

These apps come with their own set of pros and cons and have a distinct set of features, and each of these apps serves different purposes.  

Top 6 Shopify apps reviews

  1. Urgency Bear Countdown Timer  

One of the most effective ways to engage with potential customers is by instilling a sense of urgency and scarcity in your online store. This, in turn, makes people fear the possibility of missing out on good offers. This app allows you to increase rates of conversion with the countdown timer and stock countdown.  

In this day and age of competitive businesses, especially in the online sphere, it’s important to have an edge over the competition. This app allows businesses the chance to have an advantage over the competition as this app creates a sense of urgency which in turn encourages indecisive customers to buy your products.  

Best Free Shopify Apps
FOMO and the urge to buy


  • Fast support 
  • Smooth functionality  
  • Easy to use and comes with customizable options  


  • Requires a manual installation  
  • Doesn’t work on all themes 


  • The countdown timer can be renewed by session or even a fixed end date. 
  • Displays the real stock and in-stock countdown per selected variant. 
  • This app even allows you to hide the countdown on certain product pages for added flexibility. 
  • The app can add convention countdown placement inside many parts of the online store. 
  • Comes with complete control over colour, design, and text to match the business’ brand. 
  1. Scarcity-Low Stock Counter

It’s completely normal for businesses to try and inculcate a feeling of missing out on good deals and offers. It’s proven to be effective in driving up sales, and that’s why this app is so useful. One of the best free Shopify apps right now, this app allows you to show and display the remaining stock, limited stock, and other such terms to drive up sales.  

This app allows websites to display stock labels, stock counts, stock indicators, and left-in stock options on a variant level. To add even more convenience, the text automatically disappears if you keep selling the product or if it’s out of stock. 


  • Easy to install 
  • Efficient and helpful customer service  
  • Easy to use and understand  


  • Too many feedback pop-ups 
  • The app shows signs of bugs and may even require reinstallation 


  • Sends a low-in-stock alert to urge the customers to buy it out of urgency or scarcity. 
  • It automatically disappears once the product is out of stock. 
  • Show stock status everywhere by applying the app to all products and collections. 
  • Set an inventory counter on the product page 
  • Set another widget from the app if the inventory quantity is only one. 
  1. Stock Countdown Timer Bar  

This is one of the best free Shopify apps ever. Driving up sales and revenue is all about engineering a sense of urgency and scarcity over the products on your website, which is why so many companies rely on Shopify plugin

FOMO, or the feeling of missing out, is something that’s guaranteed to work on almost all customers and it’s been statistically proven to boost sales. Thus, this app is so revered by businesses that you can show a live countdown clock to show the timer on your product pages. 


  • User-friendly interface 
  • Customizable font for the countdown 
  • Impressive and smooth functionality  


  • The bar doesn’t show how much stock is left 
  • No images to align the stock countdown 


  • Create urgency among customers by showing the available product count. 
  • Boost buying motivation. 
  • Customize the countdown bar to match the look and feel of your store and brand. 
  1. Stock Sheep – Sold & Low Stock 

Something that’s recommended by business experts is that businesses should increase conversion rates by any means necessary. This is what makes Stock Sheep one of the best free Shopify apps right now. This app focuses on urgency, scarcity, and social proof, three important factors that help the conversion rate grow.  

The app automatically shows the sales stats for the chosen products to create a sense of urgency.  


  • A helpful and reliable support team 
  • Easy to use and configure  
  • The Sold Stock widget is a popular feature because of how useful it is 


  • Glitches on some product pages may be possible  
  • The app tends to alienate people with less to no knowledge of coding 


  • Display the quantity of inventory left to create urgency. 
  • Display sales for every product for social proof. 
  • Allows sites to show and send recent purchase notifications. 
  • The text is customizable and comes with emojis too.  
  • Easily utilizable interface. 
  1. Scarcity ++ – Low Stock Counter  

To those wondering about how to increase revenue, nothing drives it up quite like the threat of scarcity does. A product low in stock is known to gain the interest of many people for the sake of consumption. 

 It’s been proven multiple times that something that’s difficult to obtain or almost obsolete makes it more desirable to the masses. Consumer behaviour is studied by businesses, and the most astute businesses rely on Scarcity ++ to get better. This app shows a live low stock countdown, and the app comes with a lot of customizable options too.  

The best free shopify apps


  • Helpful and punctual support  
  • Easy to customize  
  • Looks and feels professional 


  • Problems with the placement of themes on desktops may be recurring. 
  • Track Quantity has to be turned on manually at all times for it to work 


  • Urge customers to buy more with the feature of showing the remaining inventory of a product. 
  • Create a sense of urgency and scarcity among your consumers. 
  • Sites can show the low stock countdown alert for specific products only. 
  • Use blinking and shaking low-stock labels to attract even more consumer attention. 
  • Highly customizable, online businesses can match the low stock alert according to the brand. 
  1. Avvya – Modern Sales Booster  

This app is focused on widgets that can help businesses give a much-needed boost to sales and conversion. These widgets are great in terms of performance and quality, and they include countdown timers, stock & shipping counters, etc., and all of this ends up urging the consumers to buy more.  

The widget also can use tools like Trust Badges and Payment Badges that improves the conversion of the shop, and this is what makes it a good Shopify plugin.  


  • Plenty of Payment Badge options 
  • Configuration is simple and easy 
  • Great support and customer service 


  • All charges are only billed in USD, which discourages foreign online businesses. 
  • The countdown timer may be prone to glitches for some 


  • Generate FOMO and urgency among customers with the built-in abilities of the widgets. 
  • Use Sold Counter, Trust, and Payment Badges to improve customer relations. 
  • Widgets are high in quality and easy to use and implement. 
  • Full control over the placement of widgets. 
  • Customize the look and feel of the widgets to suit your brand. 
  1. Urgent Shopper & Stock Counter  

This app is to increase buyer confidence by showing how many consumers are shopping for the same product as you are, and it goes above and beyond in improving the sense of urgency and scarcity.  

It does this by showcasing the product stock levels. It also improves customer trust by including the time and location of the recent purchasers to the site visitors.  


  • Customizable style 
  • Counter auto-adds to all products  
  • Automatically displays the last buyer 


  • It may not necessarily always work 
  • Reports of the app crashing right after installation 


  • Displays stock level to create urgency 
  • Shows customers how much a product has been viewed and interacted with 
  • Show time and location of the purchasers in front of other customers  
  1. Sold Count: Sold Stock Counter  

Oftentimes, it’s common for customers to visit a site a lot and, in turn, increase traffic, but this may not always work out favourably for the business. This is why this app is oft-regarded as one of the best free Shopify apps since it displays sold stock countdown and inventory display, factors that trigger FOMO among the customers, and this helps drive up product sales.  


  • Accurate and real-time inventory 
  • Fast and effective responses to queries  
  • Quick and user-friendly  


  • Only displays sold products for 60 days  
  • Some features are hidden behind a paywall  


  • Showcase the inventory in stock for the products  
  • Sold count and stock display to drive up revenue and urgency 
  • Customizable inventory display & countdown clock  

Comparison Table (1/2) 

Features Urgency Bear Countdown Timer Scarcity-Low Stock Counter Stock Countdown Timer Bar Stock Sheep – Low & Sold Stock 
Free  Yes Free/Paid Plan Yes Free/Basic/Convert/Advanced Plan 
Operable directly from Shopify admin Yes Yes No Yes 
Compatible with the latest themes No Yes No No 
Speed Tested No No No No 
Integrative with Shopify apps  No No No No 
24/7 Support  Yes Yes Yes Yes 

Comparison Table (2/2)

Features Scarcity ++ – Low Stock Counter Avvya – Modern Sales Booster  Urgent Shopper & Stock Counter Sold Count: Sold Stock Counter  
Free  No No No Free/Prime Plan 
Operable directly from Shopify admin Yes Yes Yes Yes 
Compatible with the latest themes No Yes No Yes 
Speed Tested No Yes No Yes 
Integrative with Shopify apps  No No Yes No 
24/7 Support  Yes Yes Yes Yes 


  1. Urgency Bear Countdown Timer – What’s the average setup time for the app? 

This app requires a manual installation, and the average setup time of the installation is around 2-3 minutes. 

  1. Scarcity-Low Stock Counter – How does the counter of this app work? 

This app’s counter uses cookies to track the customer to show the same number only for a day due to privacy reasons.  

  1. Stock Countdown Timer Bar – What to do if there’s only one product left in stock? 

The app was made keeping things like this in mind. Simply set another widget in case this scenario plays out.  

  1. Stock Sheep – Low & Sold Stock – What does the advanced plan offer? 

The plan offers many benefits like displaying stock count widgets, unlimited products, emoji customization, and sales pop-ups. 

  1. Scarcity++ – Low Stock Countdown – Why is the stock countdown so good for increasing conversion? 

The app’s stock countdown possesses the advantage of containing highly converting holiday presents for Mother’s Day, Christmas, and many more. 

  1. Avvya – Modern Sales Booster – How do the widgets work? 

Upon installation, the widgets are directly embedded into your shop pages. 

  1. Urgent Shopper & Stock Counter – What does the premium plan offer? 

An automatic 1-click install, unlimited notifications, stock counter, shoppers counter, Last Purchased, and premium 24/7 support. 

  1. Sold Count: Sold Stock Counter – How does the inventory display work? 

The app displays the actual inventory, not products for the past few days or anything of the sort.  


The importance of the above-mentioned the best free Shopify apps isn’t lost on businesses as more and more online retail stores continue to resort to them to boost their sales by inculcating a sense of FOMO among consumers. 

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