One of the main reasons that explain why customers do not complete their purchase transaction is when they realize that they are extra charges for their order, such as shipping fees. Don’t overlook this issue because close to 50% percent, that is to say, 1 potential customer out of 2, of all initiated carts, do not get sold because of this “small” issue. Do you realize the missed opportunities and revenues that you could get by better managing it with a free shipping bar Shopify?

Amazon does it

Guess what? There is even an app to fix this issue and it’s been proven by Amazon. With this free shipping bar Shopify app (basic version of Hextom’s Free Shipping Bar), you can set a minimum cart value for which your customer will get free shipping. If you are still wondering if this works, just look at what Amazon does. They have been doing that for as long as I can remember and that proves that it works.

Increase average order value

Not only Shopify plugin allows you to decrease the abandoned cart rate, but it also increases the average order value by transactions and thus boosts sales significantly. The way that it works is simple. It displays progressive messages to encourage customers to add more to their shopping cart in order to get miscellaneous offers such as free shipping. You can even customize the messages to be shown by country, page, custom and others.

Free Shipping bar Shopify
Free Shipping bar Shopify

Features: Free Shipping bar Shopify

  • Display interactive notifications that change based on criteria to meet different goals such as sales
  • You can almost micro-target based on the location page, device or product
  • You can schedule offers in advance for special events like Halloween or Christmas
  • This Shopify plugin supports all pages, is easy to install and no coding is required
  • Customers’ currency is autodetected and the shipping amount gets automatically converted
Free Shipping bar Shopify Video

Reviews of this Shopify Plugin

Look at this customer review

Customer review explaining the abandoned cart challenge

We were offering free shipping with $100 purchase, and realized that some customers were checking out with carts in the $80s or $90s, not recognizing that for a little more they could receive free shipping. The Hextom app has solved this problem and increased our average order size.

This is probably one of the best free Shopify apps to increase revenue as it’s been around since 2015. They have more than 10000 customer reviews and they still score a 4.9 stars rating which is flabbergasting given the number of reviews that they have collected over the years. Talking about building trust, this is exactly what I meant.

Look at this other customer review

Another customer review relating diligent support

Incredible support! I needed help with something and they not only provided code for a fix, but made the change for me! Great app.

To sum up, if you’re selling physical goods, you clearly need this free shipping bar Shopify app to decrease the abandoned cart rate and boost your sales.

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